Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dresses and Flowers in Bloom

Well it's just around the corner and every store window has an array bunnies, fanciful eggs, colorful flowers and Easter baskets. Unless of course you go to the Mall and there you'll see the latest in Spring apparel in pastels or brights!

Since my daughter and grand daughter are way beyond the age for "Easter Dresses", I took my size 5, little girl's dress form and dressed "her" instead. You can take the "little girls" out of the picture, but this Mama still has the urge to sew an Easter Dress!

I challenged myself to see how many fabrics I could work into the dress and it look intentional. Some mix of prints, just looks like anything goes and I tried to avoid that! I used a cute pattern by Portabellopixie called "Claire". It's by pattern and fabric designer Sandi Henderson - who does an excellent job of explaining how to put the dress together. Her pattern guide sheets are little booklets in full color with beautifully clear illustrations. One of the best guide sheets I've seen!

The bodice is made from a Robert Kaufman fabric "Summer Chirp". Can't seem to get away from that cute fabric. Much to my was featured in California Apparel News this week as part of the new " Animal Planet Prints" being used by designers for next season! It was accompanied by prints of peacock feathers, lady bugs, butterflys, dolphins and of course leopard and lizard textures! According to CAN the look is "wild at heart"!

Hope you like the dress!

Another colorful mix of different colors continues to pop out in my front yard....

Enjoy my comical snail on guard for bunny rabbits and all things furry!


  1. I saw this dress at the shop and it is so charming! But, Judy, I didn't know there was a maximum age for an easter dress. I bought one for myself this year. :-)

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  3. Torrie...You're right! Don't know what I was thinking....Actually stopped on the way home to see if I could find something new to wear on Sunday! Color me BLUSHING!

  4. We all love color, but I swear no one I know LOVES color as much as you do! Thank you for bringing so much color into our lives. Love the dress!!!