Friday, March 19, 2010

Bye Bye Bunnies

She was so sweet! Reminded me of my grandmother...dressed in a long winter coat (it was raining that day) with a large purse, grey hair and a bright twinkle in her eyes! Walked around the store carrying Ms Bunny at the Tea Party and then bee-lined it across the store when she eyed Ms. Bunny in the Kitchen,then walked up to the cash wrap desk at The Grove and where she spotted Ms Bunny at the Party! She seemed to waffle a bit, looking at the two in her hands and then back to Party Bunny sitting by herself surrounded by chocolate bars, coffee cups and bejeweled note pads.

I was working on an Easter display and of course was curious if she would give one of the bunnies a home or maybe two or three! Couldn't contain my curiosity, so walked up to the cash wrap desk, where Susan was chatting with her!
In the conve
rsation, we found out that she was visiting from Massachusetts and wanted to take something back to her two grand nieces! That's when she decided which of the three bunnies would be going on a trip with her. The nieces are 7 year old twins and what one gets the other needs to get something pretty close to it! So----Ms Bunny in the Kitchen and Ms Bunny at the Tea Party were going to get to fly for the first time!

Good Bye my Bunny's - Be good girls and
love your new Mommies!

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