Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thread/Thread Everywhere!

I love fabrics! Mostly the naturals - cottons, wools, linens, silks, but I specialize in contemporary cotton prints that I offer to customers at The Grove.

On a daily basis, I walk out of the house, since I price my fabrics at home before taking them to the store, picking threads off my clothes as I rush to the car. Si
nce I usually wear black, it's pretty noticeable. Last week I found threads on one of my front yard bushes...had to laugh!

But today...after I had driven to work, driven to lunch and was getting in the car to go home again I saw this bright pink thread, from one of my latest fabrics, stuck to my tire! Now that's one determined piece of thread!

I think I'll get a license plate that says "Fabric Lover"!