Monday, December 6, 2010

The Beadmat Winter Collection is Here!

Far Out Floral!

Far Out and Flash Back -
Such "trippy" print!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with my judipatuti beadmats, they are a wonderful addition to your studio or a great gift for your beading friends!

The mats are made in the USA - San Diego to be precise and designed
by bead artists for bead artists. The interior features a colorful box for storing your tools a double pocket for other tool necessities and a pocket designed to hold 3 bead tubes. At the top of your beadmat is a ribbon for tying on your "fireline" and the interior surface is an ivory plush fabric that keeps your beads from "running away"!

Your bead mat will have one of these juicy colored tool boxes!

The beadmat is a roll up (like a jelly roll - sweet tooth is showing) ready to be dropped in your tote for traveling, or stash on a shelf in your studio!

Here's the Winter Collection!

Carnival Blooms - this time is paired with raspberry Sun Spots!
Great for creating color on a gray winter day!

Spirit Panache is teamed with a great abstract line and inside
hides chocolate (fabric print) circles!

How can you resist this great print? Fandango is paired with a
chocolate and vanilla
Organic Cotton.

Blues and greens are so "in" right now and
Caitlin Blooms
gets it right!

The popular Divine Damask is back!
This time I couldn't resist Lolli Dots
as it's partner!

And for the Wild and Crazy in all of us....
my favorite (am I allowed to say that?)
Crazy Dots and Wild Flowers

I use PayPal for your orders... the beadmats are $38.00 plus shipping. Just contact me through my email (upper right corner of my blog).

Don't forget to tell me which one you want...the quantities are limited and gift giving is right around the corner!


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas at the Store

Mandolin Orchestra

Our neighborhood stores and restaurants have a "Walk About" 4 times a year and last night was the Holiday one! Everyone turns out to sample tasty treats handed out by the restaurants and hear live bands at our internet cafe, begin their Christmas Shopping and sing carols to the Mandolin Orchestra hosted by The Grove, where I have judipatuti fabrics.

This year the weather was perfect...a sweater and warm scarf was all that was needed and the whole neighborhood came out! A trolley took walkers to different parts of the neighborhood and Santa, of course shouted Ho Ho Ho and visited every store and restaurant!

The Grove sparkled with Christmas glam from the little white lights, the Christmas Tree, the mistletoe crystal ornaments, Christmas stockings, wonderful sounds of Mandolins and lots and lots of delightful little sparkly's to give as stocking stuffers!

These trees are wrapped with silk yarn and topped with wool roving or a jeweled pine cone. A perfect Christmas Dinner centerpiece!

The Grove store owners Anne and Susan with the
Celebrity of the Night

Watch my blog for the next shipment of Beadmats -
a perfect Christmas Gift idea for that Bead Artist in your group!

Coming Soon!