Friday, July 8, 2011

It's All About the Timing!

When I'm not sewing or doing a jillion other things I knit...I really don't make a conscious choice whether it's cold weather, sizziling hot weather or perfect weather...there's almost always something on my needles.

The problem with not paying attention to the season (if you can say San Diego has seasons) is that I usually finish something and then can't wear it
or my giftee has to put it away for a while cuz it's just too warm or too cold.

Such is the case with my most recent "FO" finished object! Friend Marcia deCoster turned me on to an adorable swing coat/jacket by Lisa Ch
emery. It's a great pattern, knitted top down and can be finished in a short period of time. I used Spud & Cloe's beautiful pure white yarn and made it for my newest granddaughter, Braelyn.

Of course, it's now 80-90 degrees and this isn't really what she wanted to wear...but was a real trooper for her Moma and I as we got her to pose (rather quickly) for a picture.

Actually it's really good the weather is warm, by the time it cools off it may actually fit!