Saturday, May 29, 2010

2nd Production Run

Putting anything into production leaves you at the mercy of the universe! I find that even when I plan months in advance, things can go wrong...Plan A turns into Plan B and then C, D.....and then finally it's over for this run! Whew...I can stop holding my breath!

With the help of friends, cutting Beadmat pieces and taking unplanned trips to National City where I get the Beadmats sewn, they are finally done and look as beautiful as I expected them to look!

The few changes this time were based on feedback from beaders, Thank You for all your suggestions! I've changed the "Fireline" holder from a snaped strap that threaded with difficulty, to a ribbon that ties. Much better! I've changed the snap to a fashion industry snap which will stand up lots of use! I have some other ideas too, but that will wait until I hear back from those who buy this exclusive run at Bead & Button. So let me know what you think!

Here's some might notice the difference in dear husband is a professional photographer with a great eye and great equipment and minute attention to detail in the set up. My shot is with a point and shoot, with on camera flash and 2 minutes piling them on the floor...but gives a little different perspective.

My shot!

His shot!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Cool Combo!

Still puzzled trying to remember crochet terms. I know, it's not knitting or sewing. I'm sure, given determination and my usual "attack and conquer" attitude I could finally get it. But alas...I'd rather just sew or knit. And then along comes a cute design that makes me want to try it again. Especially when it's combined with one of my this case, sewing!

The pattern's from Crochet Adorned...a book that is filled with wonderfully colorful photos of inspiring things to make! Yes they're crocheted, but I'm thinking I need to look at understanding this needle art once again. I can actually "chain", OK that's a start. And then "single crochet" - that's step 2. But then the confusion sets in...I seem to double and triple crochet at random .... following a pattern just doesn't happen!

So when I was asked to make this top and teach a class in it, I looked at my friend Susan at The Grove and said ... "you've got to be kidding!" Then I found out she has a great crochet teacher that will teach that part of the class! Yea! The sewing I can DO! and here it is....

Can't you just picture this top made a little longer and worn with leggin's or a little longer yet and worn with sandals? Gotta take out my book and tackle crocheting once's on the leading edge of becoming the "in" style. When you start seeing major European and American designers putting it on the runway, you can bet it's the next big "trend"!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

My friends and I raise our glasses to all the Great Moms who make our world go round!

Happy Mother's Day!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Cousin Ellie

Didn't think I would do it again...guess I'm just a softie when it comes to friends and monsters! So when my good friend fell in love with Iris and said, "I would LOVE one in pink" - I immediately agreed to create Iris's cousin Ellie.

She's a wild little one, with stars in her eyes, big eyelashes (which by the way she curls every morning) and a cute little belly button! I'm sure when she grows up the talent agents will be breaking down the door!

When Ellie heard all about her new family she began to search my house for things that would create an instant connection...

One morning after curling her eyelashes, I found her going through our CD collection. She'd been playing the piano, but when things got quite I knew I had to find out what she was doing. As a Mom I know that the "quite" isn't always a "good thing"!

And there she was sitting on the piano bench with her picks, asking to have "Diva" turned up!

She was still looking for the "one" special CD, but didn't find it. Thought I was going to have to go out and buy it for her...Did I mention she's a bit of a Diva herself? More on this later....

While pouting, (refused to go a buy a new CD) she decided to burn off a little steam practicing her jumping jacks...her new Daddy, besides being a "music nut" is also personal trainer, so being in "shape" is important to Ellie!

Whew....curly eyelashes, lots of great music, workouts and all in the few minutes after I got up and was trying to get ready for work. At least I thought I was going to get ready....couldn't find my hair brush or clippies...hummmmmm - where's Ellie???

Since Ellie's other Daddy is a fabulous hair stylist, I know that Ellie is a very smart little
monster! She really listened to the stories I shared about her new family.
Love the punky look Ellie!

I finally got ready, rushed off to work and there on the wall of my friend's office was what Ellie had been pouting about all morning. Well, thank goodness I had dropped my camera in my purse, because she grabbed it off the wall and was a happy little monster! Wrapped in her and her new Daddy's favorite superstar Diva!

I'm sure she'll be joining her new Daddy's when they go to the Diana Ross concert later this month....if not they might find all their ice cream gone!

Bye Bye Ellie - be a good little monster!!!