Saturday, May 29, 2010

2nd Production Run

Putting anything into production leaves you at the mercy of the universe! I find that even when I plan months in advance, things can go wrong...Plan A turns into Plan B and then C, D.....and then finally it's over for this run! Whew...I can stop holding my breath!

With the help of friends, cutting Beadmat pieces and taking unplanned trips to National City where I get the Beadmats sewn, they are finally done and look as beautiful as I expected them to look!

The few changes this time were based on feedback from beaders, Thank You for all your suggestions! I've changed the "Fireline" holder from a snaped strap that threaded with difficulty, to a ribbon that ties. Much better! I've changed the snap to a fashion industry snap which will stand up lots of use! I have some other ideas too, but that will wait until I hear back from those who buy this exclusive run at Bead & Button. So let me know what you think!

Here's some might notice the difference in dear husband is a professional photographer with a great eye and great equipment and minute attention to detail in the set up. My shot is with a point and shoot, with on camera flash and 2 minutes piling them on the floor...but gives a little different perspective.

My shot!

His shot!


  1. If one isn't going to B&B, is there another way one can procure one of these lovely bead mats from you? These are gorgeous and so practical... and fun!

  2. Hi Janet!'re in luck! Marcia Decoster will be offering them to the students in her in short there will be an exclusive run for B&B. Look her up!

  3. Oh, Judy, I just saw this Richard shot on Marcia's blog, and thought it was her, with all her new photo skills. It really looked too good, should have known it was Richard's photo! His skills really shine! They look fantastic. Makes me want another!

    BTW, I think Janet wants to know how she can get one without going to B+B. Judy, that etsy shop is calling you!!

  4. Hi Janet....sorry, in my scanning I missed the part that said you aren't going to B&B - thanks Val for catching that!

    I'll be doing a website in the next few months and will be offering them there. I have so many that aren't going to B&B and are eager for a new home! I'll post on the blog when I have it up and running! Thanks for your interest!

  5. Hi Judi-
    I bought 3 of your beadmats from Marcia yesterday and am in love. Fantastic idea. I think they'd be a hit at my store - please let me know where I can buy more. Thanks!
    Erica Cessna
    Reed's Beads

  6. Ohh, Judy, congratulations on them all selling out at B+B! Now really, girl, get them on Etsy!

  7. Oops, Judy, you can put them on your blog with a "buy now" button. I can help you with this too :o)

  8. Hi Judy - I just bought one of your bead mats (black, yellow, and gray chrysanthemum (?) print) at the "Meet the Teachers" reception at the Bead and Button Show. Love the cute design and fabric combination.

  9. Judy - Do you have a website, yet. I would like to purchase a bead mat for myself... a little birthday gift to me!

    Thanks, Denise

  10. Is there any chance there are any travel bead rolls still available to purchase?

  11. What are the cost of these.. and where can you buy them? I am looking to purchase around 10 of them for gifts...