Monday, May 24, 2010

Cool Combo!

Still puzzled trying to remember crochet terms. I know, it's not knitting or sewing. I'm sure, given determination and my usual "attack and conquer" attitude I could finally get it. But alas...I'd rather just sew or knit. And then along comes a cute design that makes me want to try it again. Especially when it's combined with one of my this case, sewing!

The pattern's from Crochet Adorned...a book that is filled with wonderfully colorful photos of inspiring things to make! Yes they're crocheted, but I'm thinking I need to look at understanding this needle art once again. I can actually "chain", OK that's a start. And then "single crochet" - that's step 2. But then the confusion sets in...I seem to double and triple crochet at random .... following a pattern just doesn't happen!

So when I was asked to make this top and teach a class in it, I looked at my friend Susan at The Grove and said ... "you've got to be kidding!" Then I found out she has a great crochet teacher that will teach that part of the class! Yea! The sewing I can DO! and here it is....

Can't you just picture this top made a little longer and worn with leggin's or a little longer yet and worn with sandals? Gotta take out my book and tackle crocheting once's on the leading edge of becoming the "in" style. When you start seeing major European and American designers putting it on the runway, you can bet it's the next big "trend"!

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