Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bunnies Dress to Party!

Hard to believe Easter is just around the corner! Spring break is this week for some of our universities and others are in the next few weeks....break is always looked forward to in San Diego. The beaches are covered with sun tanners and surfers for the entire week. This year may be different, since it's been cloudy, rainy and just not good for getting that head start on the summer tan! But our weather is known for changing on a you never know!

My Easter thoughts turn to Easter dresses and watching the kids kids hunt for eggs. This year I found some adorable bunnies and decided to dress them in some fun fabrics that are available at The Grove.

There's "Ms. Bunny in the Kitchen", dressed in a scalloped apron with vintage and heart buttons made from fabric by Alexander Henry's Lorenza Collection.

"Baby Bunny has Tea" inspired an over skirt of sweet flowers by designer Sandi Henderson called Vintage Dots.

And then there's "Party Bunny" who seems to think "more is more is more"! Her little under slip - if you can see it through all her many layers of ribbon, organdy and bling (which she insisted on having) is by textile designer Amy Butler from her Midwest Modern 2 Collection named Garden Maze.
They have temporary homes at The Grove until a Mommy gives in to her daughter and gives one of the Ms Bunny's a new home!

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