Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Iris the Gormet Monster

In January I saw this adorable pattern by Rebecca Danger of Dangercrafts and couldn't resist it. Mind you I've never, I repeat never, knitted an animal before and I don't have any little ones around that would enjoy it. But I just had the feeling that I HAD to get it and knit it.

It was combined in a kit with Lorna's Laces Revelation, and although it was displayed in many color choices, I chose the blue one.
I tell you all of this because 3 months later, my daughter tells me she's expecting and her and hubby are "thinking blue". Was it Mama's intuition? A mother/daughter telepathy? Did all the stars line up and drag me to the table at the TNNA (knitting and needlework conference) and say "buy me"? I'll never know, and won't question why it was so easy to make and so timely.
So here's some pictures of my latest (non-sewing) project...

Iris had a ball at my house, she posed like a good little monster and then went
crazy with the antics!

Standing on her head...

Looking "Cool"!

And trying to look fashionable when sitting in her carrying case for her trip to her new family.

Yes....she's now with her new mommy and daddy, waiting for a new little one to join the family!

By the way, there's a sweet story that Rebecca writes about Iris. Iris evidently adores food...all the tastes and colors of food. She cooks everyday and is a BIG lover of cheeses! According to Rebecca, Iris will do anything for a nice gourmet meal and would walk through fire for some good cheese!

A Monster after my own Heart!


  1. Oh Judy, how darling! The name "Monster" doesn't seem to fit this cutie. Love how you brought him to life!

  2. Judy, if that isn't the cutest story ever, and the monster doing those antics!! I'm so glad you got your girl!!!

  3. The daddy and monster look alike!! Love the story! Monster is having just as much fun at our house. Swinging from the stairwell, running from the cat and her favorite thing to do is show off her belly button.