Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Creativity + Sewing = Smiles and Success

Thought I'd share with you the great work my students at The Grove did in their classes over the last few months. It's always fun to see someone move from "how do I thread this thing?" to "what's the next project you're teaching?" And I have to say, I've met some very talented students who just needed to have a little help in the "land of sewing"!

The first hour or so is often filled with doubt on whether the seam is sewn right or the gathers are puckered in the right places, and I notice lots of "breath holding - even though the Yoga studio is down the street". Once that's worked through, we start to relax and laugh and see something actually take shape before our eyes!

And here are the results!

Lee, in the Stella Strip Skirt she made standing next to her Mom
with the Stash and Dash Bags they made!

Liz with her colorful Needle Case and Jan putting the "pedal to the metal" on her Case!

Lisa and Michelle, almost done with their Dharma Eco Friendly Bags!

And Stephanie DONE!

Katie, Susan, Rita and Lee proudly showing off their awesome Market Bags!

Come and visit The Grove and sign up for a class...May will have drop in and work on your project classes for those that are "stuck" and in June we'll be having a Twinkle Sews Sundress class, a Summer Top class that combines crocheting with sewing (the crocheting part offered in May) and a Joy Bag class!

Whatever you do, wherever you are....explore your creativity!

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  1. Love those fantastic projects, Judy. I'd sign up for sure if I wasn't already a sewing fool!