Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Scissor Sitter

January was full of buying trips...one to the LA Gift Mart to scan the aisles for any sewing totes or other fun things. Last year, this is where I found Amy Butler's stationary that I brought into The Grove to sell with her fabrics.

I also traveled to TNNA in Long Beach, the knitters and needle work association's trade show. While there I noticed a booth for Puffin and Company. Susan (from The Grove) and I bee-lined it across the aisle and checked out her stuff. I love Puffin
s! They are one of the most colorful birds!

While at her booth, Diane shared with us that the West Coast Puffin was the prettiest
, even though there is an East Coast variety. I told her my Puffin story, that many years ago my husband and I took a trip up the east coast from NY and I insisted on stopping in Kennebunkport to see the migrating Puffins. Unfortunately, we were 2 weeks late....I still haven't seen a "real one". Guess I'll have to visit our famous San Diego Zoo for a live sighting!

But what I did see in her booth were beautifully handmade pieces of art that are so useful for those of us that sew!

The scissor sitters have a strong magnet on the back that holds it "pin free" to your top - hook the scissor on the cord and then the magnet holds the scissor on the "lamb"! So cool! I couldn't resist, so I got the puppies, kitties, dove, heart (great gift for Valentine's Day) and of course the cute little lambie shown here.

Susan brought in the stitch holders for knitters - so much fun! Check out Susan's blog for pictures of the stitch holders - or visit The Grove if you're in San Diego.

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