Sunday, February 13, 2011

New Laminates!

I guess you know by now, that I love, love, love to buy fabrics! Before I started selling them at The Grove I always bought fabrics for projects. But as my schedule became so packed, I ended up just "collecting" fabric (time for sewing got squeezed out)! And for those of you who do the know space soon becomes an issue! So buying and selling is the Best of Two Worlds!

I've been on a search lately for some fun laminates...something different than the vintage "cherrys" and "cowboys" and just got a shipment of two really cool
prints! They're actually called "Coated cotton", but are usually sold much wider than normal fabric, at 54" to 60" wide. Great for covering outdoor furniture, tables, making bibs, changing mats...all kinds of things!

Here's my two latest...

They're both from Michael Miller...the one on the left is "Bicycles" and the other one is "Lil' Plain Jane". You might recognize the last one since I also have it in fabric too- the colorway is gray, citrine and white - a great color palette for interior design.

Stop in and see these great prints!

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