Saturday, August 14, 2010

Baby's on her way!

My sewing studio has been a whirlwind on activity in the last month! My daughter is about 3 weeks away from delivering her 2nd daughter and we've been designing and decorating the nursery for my new granddaughter.

Trysta, my daughter, decided to have birds as the theme so we designed a tree that she put on one of the nursery's walls and then designed birds and leaves to attach to the tree. The tree is a textural wall paper and the birds and leaves are made of 2 pieces of fabric with padding in the middle to give the birds and leaves a little weight.

The beginnings of the Tree!

On the Wall!

To go with that we designed a birdie crib blanket backed with flannel and edged with all the fabrics that we used on the tree. The fabrics are from the "Arcadia" collection by Sanae while the back of the blanket uses "Chirp" designed by Katie Henniger for Robert Kaufman Fabrics.

and I mustn't forget "Monster Iris"
who now has a place in the

...guarding the crib!

What a lucky baby!

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  1. Oh, Judy, you are "feathering her nest" so beautifully! That is one lucky grandbaby indeed!
    xx, Val