Monday, August 1, 2011

Leo Has Friends!

A few weeks ago three brave sewers ventured into the land of sewing curves and creating manes to make Leo the Lion a few new friends at The Grove! Although they didn't quite have their "stuffing" yet, the fabrics and color choices made Leo "Roar with Pleasure"!

Kendal, Michelle and Olivia promised to bring Leo's friends back to play once their button eyes are sewn on and their tails have just the right amount of yarn for "swishing"!

Kendal's Lion - love the split colored mane!

Michelle's son hand picked his lion's "coat" and will soon be hugging and loving him!

Pink mane with teal blue eye's were
Olivia's pick for her lion!

In no time at all the three will have "custom" Lions
Purrfect for Purring!

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