Friday, November 12, 2010


This holiday brings out the creative in those of us who s
till like to "dress up"! I'm always amazed at how creative we can be when we want to have fun and sometimes throw caution to the wind.

One of my Grove students, Lee, decided after seeing the Tim Burton, Alice in Wonderland movie that Alice's dresses were a must have! And as soon as the opportunity presented itself...she got creatively inspired by the colors and grandeur a
nd decided this would be her Halloween outfit!

After lots of fabric shopping for just the right colors, prints, tulle, hearts and bustier, she started cutting. On a "Drop in Sew" day at The Grove, I had fun helping her puzzle out the pattern and how to overlay and ruffle the fabric to get the
right "look".

Here's a shot of it almost done on the sewing table and then Lee, complete with Alice curls, modeling the finished dress! Job well done Lee, it looks amazing on you!

As many of you know, when I'm not creating, I'm President of Fashion Careers College, and Halloween brings out the "creative spirit" in all our administrative staff! This year the looks were all very fun! We had a kitty, King, pixie, inmate, Wilma, and a witch to name a few. I had to attend a meeting off campus that day, so I threw on a quick outfit (when I returned)- Little Red Riding Hood, the 2nd from the right. The easiest outfit belonged to our CEO, who dressed in regular clothes with a sign "Nudist on Strike"!

Hope you Halloween was fun and you saw
lots of little "creatives" at your

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