Saturday, October 16, 2010


You guessed it....its those lacey, feminine items of lingerie we buy from Victoria Secrets, Nordies or Intimacy that we usually spend more than we want to....that's what I'm writing about today. Yes, they usually have a price tag that we definitely remove before our better half sees them....but after all aren't we worth it?

Now you're probably wondering why my "judipatuti fabric
s" blog is talking about lingerie, especially when I specialize in contemporary cotton prints. Well, I found this darling little pattern for a fun hamper, that's just the perfect size for our delicates, a place they deserve! And I couldn't resist.

Not only would it be great hamper for us, but those of you with new little ones, it would be a great addition for the nursery. And th
ose of you starting your college "dorm" experience...what a fab colorful addition to your side of the room!

The pattern is from Vanilla House and I chose 4 colorful (of course) fabrics to make each piece. The bottom fabric is from Moda: "Spirit Panache", the next tier up is an Amy Butler fabric: "Star Paisley". The next one up is a great fabric call "Boutique Flower Pin" by Moda (looks more like Pomegranates to me)! And the last fabric is also from Moda, part of the Wonderland Collection called "Tweedle Dee".

To combine fabrics easily.... first look for similar color palettes and be mindful of the print sizes. In my selection I put the largest print on the bottom to balance the large size of the bottom tier and put the smallest print on the top layer. I've found this to work well. Once you get more "daring" you can easily mix color palettes by remembering to pick up at least one color in the print and repeat it.

Have fun! It's only fabric!

The flower was also super easy! I used batting to back the fabric. Instead of cutting out the fabric I drew the pattern (on the right side of the fabric), put the batting behind it and satin stitched on my drawn line. Last I cut out the flower. It's really fool proof this way! PS: the satin stitch is just the zig zag stitch adjusted so the stitches are all snuggled next to each other.

Don't you love the buttons? The small button is a new one I just brought into The Grove. Thought it would jazz the hamper up a bit when sewed on top of the colorful abstract button!

I'll be teaching this class at The Grove on Sat, Oct 23rd! If you're in the sure and pre-register, as seating is limited! If you're not in the area...pick up the pattern, have fun shopping colorful fabrics and rev up the sewing machine!

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