Sunday, June 13, 2010

Alumni Success!

One of the most rewarding things about being in the College biz is being able to follow my grads into their careers and track their success! Ok...I guess you see what's coming - yes, I'm going to brag!

About 2 years ago my College held a Project Fashion contest based on the ever popular "Project Runway" TV reality show. Contestants came from across the US to participate and compete for college scholarships. Ziba Khatibi was actually from our own backyard and had always wanted to design, which was apparent with her winning design of the day!

Because Ziba was able to translate the trends presented by Charlotte Russe's forecasting presentation, her winning design was put into production by Charlotte Russe, and sold in their stores. She was featured with signage and display in their Fashion Valley Store window!'s now many years later and Ziba has launched her own website with her unique vision apparent in trendy, edgy jewelry. It appeals to all markets with it's use of different media and a definite feminine flair! Check out her website for more great looks!

She was also featured this year in 944 magazine,

Thanks for letting me brag!

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